Monday, 29 December 2014


If the landscape is ugly, just photograph it in black & white and it will come out fine.

Anything that seems counter-intuitive probably isn't.

Philosophers realize the only difference between a rabbit and a bear is semantics.

He guesses? He guesses?? Elton John knows damn well that's why they call it the blues.

People assume they're good at eating just because they've done it every day of their life.

Whatever mood you're in, remember that it's going to change. So for example, if you're happy, get over it.

You can fit a square peg in a round hole if you push hard enough.

We're worried about computers developing artificial intelligence and they can't even improvise my password when I'm off by one key.

If you have disregard for vowels and write "lyk ths r tht", I hate you. I'll put you on the list which I'll hand over to a contract killer when I meet him or when I turn into one. Whichever comes earlier.

Ever notice how raindrops falling on a windshield seem to go after all the open spots?

Next time I'm at the art museum, I’m going to say "Show me the Monet."

Primitive and modern life colliding: Not wanting to use the wipers because the raindrops on the windshield have formed an elaborate pattern I want to admire.

13) Item number thirteen.

Double confession: Clapton, Marley both say sheriff was gunned down by them, though insiders think Clapton was just trying to cover his friend.

I can foresee a day when highly advanced civilizations will converse exclusively in emoticons.

People talking amongst themselves: "I can't believe this guy is quoting us on his blog..."

Okay... So the goal of above statements is for someone to read them, comment on this post, and for me to do a little jig in my room every time someone does. So do comment. Help a poor boy by giving him reason to do a little jig in his room.


  1. hahhahha...!!.. post ghaint hai :P best part is where u talk abt hiring a contrct killer or u turning into one... :P :P :P :P & u hv a lot of frnds..whose names might feature in that list..... so u'll have to drop that idea ..:P u can't hate ur frnds & hire a 'cntrct' 'kllr'.... 'jst' 'cz' they ''dn't'' use 'vwls' :P :P

  2. Now that I've realised who you are 'Anonymous person' i don't feel like replying to you here!
    But hey... thanks for enabling me to do a jig. ;)