Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hashtags are just phrases suffixed after "#" that creates a link and when you click on it, it takes you to the page where others have hashtagged it. Everyone knows what a hashtag is, most of them don't know how to use it; correctly!

Well, one day, four nerdy dudes got together and talked about how they were really sick of not being able to stalk someone's facebook statuses they weren't friends with. Their solution was a site where anyone could post anything and anyone could see it ( obviously!). Yeah, twitter! 
And today, it has changed our lives forever. Well, not really. But kind of. I guess, in a weird way!

Some of us have twitter. Some of us don't. In fact, if it wasn't for twitter, you would not be reading this right now. Some people claim they don't like twitter (have they even tried it?) and some claim they don't understand it (well, why don't they learn?) Some people have stopped reading newspapers and just go on twitter to get the latest news (and entertainment!). I mean, you now don't have to read a full news story to know about what's up in the world.

Anyways, use twitter or not, everybody knows about the product that came from it. The most misused symbol in the history of mankind - The hashtag. It is used to create an ad-hoc forum for various purposes. That's its primary function.

Hashtags should be used only where they can serve a purpose. It's a product of twitter and hence works best on it. Later on, many sites followed and started supporting hashtags. Instagram, Vine, Google+, Flickr, Orkut are some sites that fully support the hashtag. 
Facebook also started hashtags sometime back, but it doesn't give you the features it gives on twitter or instagram. It works though!
YouTube also supports hashtags but for different purposes. That's for some other time.

Using hashtags in the places where it's not supported is just outright stupid. I just don't understand why somebody uses a hashtag on WhatsApp or in text messages or in e-mails. They are the kind of people who want pizzas at Mcdonalds! 
Using it in paper advertising or in TV-ads is understandable. They just want to let you know about them so that you could look them up on the likes of twitter etc.

Hashtags are meant only for social networking sites. 

One more thing people do is use long, painfully long hashtags. I mean "#todaywasawesomeilovemylife" is a ghastly use of hashtag. Nobody is going to be able to read it, and if they do, they won't click on it. No purpose served!

But do not not use hashtags! They help the readers well when used properly and can start some fantastic discussions as well.


  1. Nice to see someone pointing out this key fact in regards to social media

  2. Thanks!
    I saw many people dropping hashtags at all sorts of places. It bugged me, this post is my effort to sort things out!

  3. great post!! check out my blog maybe? :)